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Team Leadership

Make a real tangible impact in your organisation and beyond with MDC’s Team Leadership course here in Singapore. Our leadership and management courses offer resources for in-training, newly appointed, and seasoned leaders to be adept at developing employees, inspiring teams, and influencing stakeholders across an organisation.

With our leadership training courses for managers of all levels, participants get to explore the important management aspects such as personal effectiveness in senior roles, strategic development, managing change in a rapidly evolving business environment, as well as talent development. This is a leadership course dedicated for leaders and high potential managers to enhance their ability to manage competently and lead a team or department to organisational success.

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Developing Frontline LeadersSkillsFutureTwo Days

Frontline leaders are critical to the success of organisations and require core leadership mindset and skills to succeed. At the same time, they are encountering a range of challenges, including a structural shift in businesses, and the complexities of leading multi-generational and multicultural teams.

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Effective Team LeadershipSkillsFutureTwo Days

This programme explores the qualities and key competencies that contribute to successful team leadership. It will examine how to keep your team motivated and on track during challenging economic times.

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Leading High Performance TeamsTwo Days

This programme is ideal for any team leader or manager who has already attended a team leadership programme in the past would like to brush up/refresh their skills and knowledge.

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Managerial Leadership for Mid-Level Managers (In-House Training)

With more and more realisation of the important role of middle managers in strategy execution and employee engagement, there is a growing need to strengthen this area to ensure sustainability of the business.

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Transformational LeadershipTwo Days

Transformational leaders are highly visible and spend a lot of time communicating. They expand leadership's focus towards the growth of the followers' through their capability to empower and delegate responsibility amongst their team.

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Understanding & Overcoming Leadership Pitfalls (In-House Training)

This workshop examines the challenges and pitfalls that empowers leaders to make pro-active choices and take positive steps towards leading your company, staff, team or family as healthily and as successfully as possible.

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When to be a Boss, Leader and Manager (In-House Training)

As the person in charge of your team, you will deal with different team members' styles which may or may not appeal to your type. However, people are not necessarily difficult to deal with.

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