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Emotional Intelligence


Discovering your True Colors and building on People RelationshipsSkillsFutureTwo Days

Emotional intelligence or Quotient (EQ) describes the ability to understand one's own feelings, and that of groups, and how these emotions can influence motivation and behaviour.

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EQ @ Work

Emotional intelligence has long been identified to be the #1 predictor of professional success and personal excellence.

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EQ Skills for Team Leaders and ManagersSkillsFutureTwo Days

Managers who are able to build and sustain commitment, trust and rapport with their employees invariably perform well as Managers.

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How to Manage Emotions at Workplace

Have you ever thought about why we are unable to manage your impulsive emotions? It is because our feeling brain is faster than our thinking brain.

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Managing Anger @ Work

This workshop is aimed at imparting effective skills in managing anger and how to use it to enhance leadership skills and motivate others.

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Using Emotional Intelligence to Manage Oneself and Others at the WorkplaceSkillsFutureTwo Days

EQ is trainable and is a flexible skill that can be improved through learning and practice. It will require regular and consistent cultivation and maintenance.

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