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Effective Negotiation SkillsSkillsFutureTwo Days

The art of effective negotiation forms the foundational basis for the expansion of a business as well as a consolidation of its position.

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Effective Telemarketing Techniques (In-House Training)

Effective Tele-Marketing is an intensive workshop that will enable the participants to be aware of having the right attitude and telephone techniques in getting deals, sales or orders as well as improving customer relationships.

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How to Win and Close Deals (In-House Training)

Powerful closing skills become vital towards deals that will provide the much-needed revenues and funds for their organisations which in turn translates to greater earnings for these professionals.

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Key Account ManagementSkillsFutureTwo Days

This course is structured to enable participants to acquire the critical knowledge and skills needed to turn customer growth opportunities into growth realities.

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Leading Edge Selling Skills - For Today's Client (In-House Training)

This training is aimed at showing how to confidently deal with these pressures allowing them to successfully sell in this competitive market environment.

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Negotiating For Results MasterclassTwo Days

The course is customised to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of the required skills needed for negotiation.

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Successful Selling Using Psychological Techniques (Online) (In-House Training)

Selling is not just about closing a recent sales enquiry but building rapport and a trusting relationship with the prospective customer.

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