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Financial Management


Accounts Receivable Management and Collection TechniquesSkillsFutureOne Day

This is an intensive workshop on accounts receivable management. While sales are important, it is more crucial that the amounts sold on credit are ultimately collected on a timely basis with minimal bad debt losses.

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Basic AccountingSkillsFutureTwo Days

The workplace has evolved into a multi-skills environment that all employees should have some concepts of Basic Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance.

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Crafting a Business Plan and BudgetTwo Days

As the saying goes, one who fails to plan is likely to plan to fail. Doing business is about taking risks, the informed risks, but not letting things happen on their own.

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Effective Costing, Cash Flow Management and Budgetary ControlTwo Days

A company cannot plan unless it understands its costs. By understanding the various facets of the cost accounting process, Managers and Executives will be able to create an efficient cost analysis system to better control and measure an enterprise's business functions and bottom line.

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Finance for Non-Finance ProfessionalsSkillsFutureTwo Days

Our Finance for Non-Finance Professionals workshop introduces Financial Statements at a fundamental level. You will be able to read accounts and understand financial issues after the course.

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Inventory Management and ControlOne Day

This intensive course is tailored for staff members in the manufacturing and retail sectors that keep inventory in the normal course of business.

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Understanding and Analysing Financial StatementsSkillsFutureTwo Days

In today's business world, understanding the finance and accounting knowledge is no longer an option for Management and Executives.

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