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Communication - Spoken


Advanced Presentation Masterclass (In-House Training)

This training builds upon the first presentation skills module. It will advance participants' basic knowledge and skills of presentation skills.

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Assertiveness Techniques and ApproachesSkillsFutureTwo Days

Working professionals require essential assertiveness skills that would make them more respected by those working with them.

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Becoming a Polished Presenter (In-House Training)

Every day, people from every walk of life find themselves in front of an audience presenting their thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the stakes are huge. For many individuals, the process related to preparing and delivering a compelling and powerful presentation is often fraught with frustration.

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Effective Communication for Better Workplace EfficiencySkillsFutureTwo Days

This workshop shows you how you could improve interactions with others, build stronger relationships with your team and become more productive at work.

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Effective Presentation SkillsSkillsFutureTwo Days

How can I present without feeling nervous? What should I do when my mind goes blank? What if my visual aids don't work? How can I improve my presentation skills?

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Effectiveness and Etiquette on the Phone (In-House Training)

Good telephone skills and etiquette go beyond just sounding good and using the right words. After all, both 'what you say' and 'how you say it' build the professional image of an organization.

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Persuasive CommunicationTwo Days

Whether we are working in an organisation, managing a child, dealing with customers, colleagues, bosses or members of the public, we cannot always rely on our authority to get others to do what we want them to.

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Public Speaking Skills (In-House Training)

The ability to speaking effectively to staff and the public has been a much sought-after and essential skill in modern working and commercial world.

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Speak with Confidence and ImpactTwo Days

This two-day intensive workshop will show participants the skills and strategies to become a more confident, persuasive speaker in any situation.

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