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Supervisory Management


Becoming a Successful Coach and MentorTwo Days

Coaches in the sporting world have fine-tuned their coaching skills to ensure their athletes win, set records or at least achieve their best results.

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Building Great and Successful Team Relationships using Click Colors ® (In-House Training)

Have you ever wondered why you click with some people in your team and others can drive you mad? Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I build and get the best out of this team, when I'm not even sure I want to spend time with some of the individuals in it?"

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Effective Coaching Skills (In-House Training)

This webinar is to equip managers with a clear understanding of the importance of managing people and enhancing leadership effectiveness through coaching.

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Essential Managerial Skills (Online)SkillsFutureTwo Days

There is one certainty in any organisation; change or be changed. At the forefront of this, the first line of defence is a group of people in your organisation who must be good in the Basic Managerial Skills.

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Managing Dysfunctions in Teams (In-House Training)

There are teams in today's contemporary world which do not work at the level desirous to deliver results for their organizations. "The unproductive behaviours and inattentiveness to results in dysfunctional teams can be attributed to people, with varied interests and vulnerabilities," says Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

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Stakeholder Engagement and Empowerment (NEW!)Two Days

This interactive workshop is designed to equip participants with the strategies, tools, and techniques to engage, inspire, and manage stakeholders, including those who are challenging.

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Supervisory Skills for the New SupervisorsSkillsFutureTwo Days

The supervisors play an important role in the organisation. In the current competitive business environment, supervisors are under pressure to maintain the momentum and make a difference in their work. This will be possible only when the supervisors possess the right skills.

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Team Management SkillsSkillsFutureTwo Days

As Supervisor or Manager, you lead and manage a team daily. It is a challenging task to manage a team for anyone who manages people.

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