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Business Management

Our business school in Singapore offers an industry-relevant and a multi-disciplinary approach in the fields of business and management in Singapore, preparing students for career commencement and advancement in today’s complex business environment.

Balanced Scorecard for Business Performance

It was stated that the ability to execute is more important than a beautiful strategy. Why do organizations have difficulty in implementation? One problem is that strategies or business plans are always changing, but the tools for measuring have not kept pace.

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Blue Ocean Strategy

This programme introduces the key concepts, frameworks and tools of blue ocean strategy and lays out the fundamental methodology for creating and capturing blue oceans of new market space.

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Effective Office Skills for Administrative Support StaffSkillsFutureTwo Days

Participants will learn new strategies in handling workload through enhancing organisational skills and prioritizing the workload for positive results.

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Effective Secretarial SkillsSkillsFutureTwo Days

The demands made of today's secretaries and administrators are different - they are expected to juggle multiple tasks, be proactive, manage time, people and problems, communicate for results, think on their feet and relate well to people at all levels.

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Essential Culture Shifts for Workplace Transformation & Success

This workshop takes you through the transformative culture-changing process.

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Facing the Media With Confidence New

The workshop is designed to build confidence in public speaking and engaging the media. Participants will learn the importance of preparation, knowing the audience, and mental imaging in ensuring success.

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Lean Approach to Optimize Productivity and Efficiency

The concept of Lean Management is a quantum leap in the advancement of organisational efficiency. The results include process improvement, better utilization of resources which are in alignment

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Office Administration Management for Executives and ManagersSkillsFutureTwo Days

This is an exciting and interactive programme. It is designed to provide office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff.

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Project Management MasterclassSkillsFutureTwo Days

Benefitting from the result of relying on Project Management to help them navigate their way forward, especially when getting groups in their organisations to work collaboratively.

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Supply Chain Management Overview - Procurement Perspective

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the flow of product or services, involving a board range of activities - Planning, Controlling and Execution.

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Systems Thinking in Practice

Understanding the basic approach in applying systems thinking in many organizational situations and to produce sustainable results and enhance organizational learning.

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Understanding the Supply Chain Process and Planning

The aim of this module is to provide a better understanding of the overview of supply chains design and processes.

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