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Service Excellence

The Service Excellence course by MDC is designed to instil appropriate customer-oriented mindsets, hone practical skills, and adopt industry leading practices for customer and client management excellence. This Service Excellence course covers methodologies on how staff from an organisation can deliver exceptional service quality with empathy and communicate in a simple and effective way to build a relationship that will ensure customer/client satisfaction, and in turn, grow business equity and profitability.

Customer Service Programmes

Our wide range of well-designed customer service courses here in Singapore are specially catered for all with different service excellence needs.
For more information on our customer service courses here in Singapore, please complete the enquiry form.

Creating Win-Win Relationships with Internal and External CustomersSkillsFutureTwo Days

To provide positive service experiences, service professionals need to understand their critical role as one of the pillars of positive service experience.

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Exceptional Customer ServiceTwo Days

An effective customer service provider needs to have the professional qualities that customers like to see before they place their business with your organisation.

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Handling Difficult Customers and ComplaintsSkillsFutureTwo Days

This workshop will impart to you the skills of how to handle difficult customer-situations confidently and resolve their complaints effectively, either over the counter or on the telephone.

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Saying 'No' PositivelyTwo Days

This workshop will provide a service consultant/provider with solutions in communicating better verbally with their customers through better choices of words or phrases in their face-to-face or telephone situations.

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