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Risk Management / ChatGPT


Establishing an Effective Enterprise Risk Management ProcessOne Day

The implementation of a formal enterprise risk management (ERM) process is not only meant to comply with corporate governance requirements.

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Increasing Your Work Productivity with ChatGPT (NEW!)One Day

Designed to empower office workers with the skills and understanding to leverage ChatGPT in enhancing their report writing and presentation preparations.

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Internal Control Masterclass (In-House Training)

If you believe fraud is a threat to you and your organisation, we are here to show you how internal control can assist in mitigating fraud risk.

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Practical Application of ChatGPT in Risk Management and Internal Audit (NEW!)One Day

A focused understanding of how ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, can be effectively used in risk management and internal audit processes.

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Procurement Fraud Prevention and Detection MasterclassTwo Days

Do you know fraud is ubiquitous, it does not discriminate in its occurrence? Fraud does not discriminate, not by industry, geography, races, ethnics, and education background.

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