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Risk Management


Effective Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery MasterclassOne Day

Corruption and bribery are major obstacles to the development and successful operation of an organisation. Organisations are increasingly expected to communicate to their stakeholders, internally and externally, the measures and efforts they are deploying to counter and detect corruption and bribery.

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Effective Credit Risk Assessment and Revenue Collection ProcessOne Day

Selling in credit during tough times, especially now, can be vulnerable. Effective credit assessment applied to your customers can reduce bad debt in the future.

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Ergonomic Risks When Working RemotelyOne Day New

From this course, participants will understand the best working posture when using digital devices and learn how to reduce risks of musculoskeletal disorders or muscle aches.

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Establishing an Effective Enterprise Risk Management ProcessSkillsFutureOne Day

The implementation of a formal enterprise risk management (ERM) process is not only meant to comply with corporate governance requirements.

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Internal Control MasterclassTwo Days

If you believe fraud is a threat to you and your organisation, we are here to show you how internal control can assist in mitigating fraud risk.

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Occupational Health and Environmental RisksOne Day New

This course will cover two main topics namely Occupational Health and Environmental Risks.

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Procurement Fraud Prevention and Detection MasterclassTwo Days

Do you know fraud is ubiquitous, it does not discriminate in its occurrence? Fraud does not discriminate, not by industry, geography, races, ethnics, and education background.

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