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Communication - Written


Creating Structured Agendas with Productive MinutesSkillsFutureOne Day

In this era, more meetings are being conducted without ever being in a meeting room.

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Effective English Business Writing (Online Only)One Day New

The programme aims to provide effective training sessions and training is customised to fit the learning needs of participants on-the-go; who need effective, easy-to-apply learning points which can be translated to work needs almost immediately.

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Handling Written Enquiries and ComplaintsSkillsFutureTwo Days

This workshop is designed specifically for business professionals to master new and specific techniques that will help sharpen their writing skills.

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Power Writing Skills for Executives and ManagersSkillsFutureTwo Days

A company's dependability and professionalism is often assessed from its written communication.

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Technical Proposal Writing SkillsOne Day New

The course is structured such that participants will learn to look out for an appropriate style, tone and format of writing, express their points coherently, and consistently produce sharp, focused and concise written work.

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The Essentials of Email Writing and EtiquetteSkillsFutureOne Day

Good business writing is essential in today's dynamic business environment. However, many corporate professionals are not aware that business writing style has evolved over time and still adopting the older form of business writing.

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The Essentials of Report WritingSkillsFutureOne Day

Writing reports can be a daunting task. Most of us are required to write reports of varying importance for different audiences regularly. The key for any writer is to ensure that the message is communicated effectively to the intended audience.

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