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Creativity & Innovation


Creative Brainstorming Techniques using Mind MapsTwo Days

This programme helps to unleash your "natural" creative self, by understanding how the brain desires to problem-solve using its inherent skills.

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Creative Problem Solving and Decision MakingSkillsFutureTwo Days

This two-day problem-solving workshop should help participants to enhance their skills in finding sustainable solutions and learn new approaches in problem solving and decision making.

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Innovation & Critical Thinking SkillsOne Day New

Thinking is the operating skill through which our innovative creativity and intellectual potential is realized. As with other skills, it can be learnt and improved with training and practice.

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Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Problem Solving with PRISM ©SkillsFutureTwo Days

Solving problems in a creative manner can be the key to a more productive and satisfying life for executives and managers in organisations. While problem-solving is not easy for most people, it does not need to be a journey into the unknown.

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