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The aim of this course is to provide a more in-depth understanding of workplace talent identification and development as a body of knowledge in enabling effective talent management at the organizations. Participants will understand how the content is interconnected with workforce planning, talent management and succession planning, and will be equipped with the skills to view talent-based workforce planning as not simply an annual event but a continual, integrated and strategic process that is comprised of a series of activities taking place at various points throughout the year, and thus, effectively deal with practical aspects of managing talent, grow bench strengths, lower recruiting costs and plan for longer-term organisational health.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Apply a common language for talking and managing talent.
  • Explain the concept of talent and talent management.
  • Explain the focus of talent identification and talent classification within their organisations.
  • Determine talent development and how it moves talent contribution beyond immediate performance and longer-term organisational performance.
  • Use relevant research to anchor an integrated process of performance management, talent management and people development.
  • Describe a framework that will support alignment and succession planning of the right people in the right roles at the time to achieve organisational success.
  • Implement talent management tools and practices in their organisation.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for human resource, talent management, and business leaders who are involved in talent management and succession planning and want to increase the productivity of their workforces.

Programme Outline

  • Opening Case, Talent Management framework – Characteristics of the organisation
  • Perspectives on "Why Talent Matters": Changing Trends & The Competition for Talent
  • Activity: Identify Characteristics of Organisation
  • Creating a Talent Management System
  • Data points, including performance and potential
  • Activity: Talent Calibration
  • Activity: Defining Potential - Performance Matrix
  • Activity: Talent Calibration
  • Talent Development Strategies:
  • Bench Strengths & Talent Classifications
  • Succession Planning & Development Strategies
  • Activity: Defining Talent Development Area


This program will be delivered via conceptual briefing using written and visual aids. To enhance learning effectiveness and transfer, experiential learning will be emphasised. Time will be allocated skills practices, group discussions and short exercises. The workshop leader will facilitate group discussions and feedback on the application of talent management concepts.

Programme Trainer

Jack Chua currently runs his own consulting firm, where he leads, facilitates and consults client organizations in workshops, boot-camps and organization development assignments such as assessment centre, team development (include diagnostic work and 1:1 coaching), executive coaching and strategy cascades/implementations. He has certifications or professional competence in numerous Human Resource and Organization Development related activities such as job analysis, work profiling, teamwork, coaching, cycle time reduction through cross-functional process mapping, career planning, MBTI® Step I and II, CPI 260, Conflict Dynamic Profiling, Voices 360- degree feedback, 360 by Design, Benchmarks, Workplace Big 5 Profiling, competency-based interviewing, performance management, HR audit, and HR planning process.

Jack began his career in the early 1980s and has accumulated experience in the manufacturing, chemical, banking, financial, fast-moving consumer goods, and construction industries. He has managerial experience in human resources development within a number of business sectors including performance management, competency development, leadership development, career planning, staff redeployment, change management, and job design.

During his career, Jack has held various positions with multi-national firms such as Reuters, Kepner Tregoe, Dow Corning, and Mars Inc, an FMCG multinational company where he led organization-wide developmental efforts across the Asia-Pacific. He had served as a member of a global team at Dow Corning that pursued high-level strategy discussions around the institutionalization of a Performance Management Architecture. He was also a member of a regional Change Transition Management Team in Dow Corning, where his HR expertise was leveraged to support the implementation of SAP, BPR, and change initiatives.

Jack holds a degree in management and an M.B.A. in Strategic and International Management. He is proficient in both English and Mandarin.



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The aim of this course is to provide a more in-depth understanding of workplace talent identification and development as a body of knowledge in enabling effective talent management at the organizations.

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