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Body language is an unconscious non-verbal communication that relies on body movements like facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice and gestures. When we think of communication, most of us think almost at once of words or talk.  Communication is much more than mere words; we must remember that words are no more than symbols which make possible the transmission of meanings.  About 50% of what we mean and what others say is displayed in body language, which makes it very important to understand the interpretation of body language correctly. 

To be effective, you must utilize communication skills that involve hearing verbal messages, perceiving nonverbal messages, and responding verbally and nonverbally to heard and perceived messages. To ensure that these communication skills become an integral part of your techniques, you must practice them frequently. It is an effective tool to communicate with others and also pick up the signals and signs that are being displayed by them.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Positive effects of body language on communication skills
  • Ability to connect with people instantly
  • To invoke interest in people to improve trustworthiness and credibility.

Who Should Attend

Teachers/Mentors, Counsellors, Sales Personnel, Human Resource Personnel, All Management Levels, Leaders.

Programme Outline

  1. Define Body Language
  2. Advantages of Interpreting Body Language
  3. Open and Closed Signals
  4. How to Tell if Someone is Lying
  5. Reading and Understanding the Eyes
  6. To Understand the Use of Emotions through Facial Expressions
  7. Understand Touching of Objects
  8. Understanding the Positioning of a Body
  9. Speed of Breathing and Meaning
  10.  All about Head Positions
  11. Looking for Clues and Decoding the Message Accurately
  12. Picture Dictionary of Emotions to Decipher


Discussions, Lecture, Case Studies, Role Plays, Video viewing, Presentations, Deciphering.

Programme Trainer

Kay M Nalla holds a LAMDA (Grade 6) in Communications, Diploma in Travel and Ticketing (IATA/UFTAA), Diploma in Aesthetics, NITEC in Face Care, LCCI in Marketing from the Thames and possesses a Certificate for Personal Grooming. She was also awarded a Super host Certificate from The Singapore Tourism Board. Having the gift to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life, she embarked on her career in the hospitality arena and has not looked back.

Kay has dedicated 19 years of her life training staffs and colleagues on “customer service with your heart” and frontline etiquette while performing her managerial duties in the sales and marketing field. Her love and passion for interacting with people propelled her to work in travel agencies, various hotels (F&B, room sales & banquet), The Singapore Changi Airport and well-established spas like Clarins, Haach and Bonafides.
Kay also holds talks and conducts workshops for government bodies, country clubs, hospitals, banks, spas and other sectors including Singapore Police Force, Singapore Girl’s Home, Singapore Changi Prison, Panasonic, Rendezvous Hotel and more.



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Communication is much more than mere words; we must remember that words are no more than symbols which make possible the transmission of meanings.

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