The Management Development Institute of Singapore provides an immersion programme for visiting students in our integrated campus, located in the heart of Singapore at Stirling Road! The multi-disciplinary immersion programme is developed and delivered by MDIS faculty and can be customised accordingly to your learning needs.



A well-curated immersion programme develops and moulds the student to become an allrounder beyond academics. In addition to offering visiting students a chance to explore new adventures, a well-implemented immersion programme will provide an opportunity for students to deepen and broaden their learning journey as they venture and move out of their comfort zones.

MDIS instils a culture of lifelong learning in its students - preparing them to be future-ready. Visiting students will engage in hands-on lessons and participate in class discussions through a well-designed multi-pronged approach. As part of the holistic programme, students will also participate in social networking sessions, inspirational talks by industry leaders, company visits, and cultural excursions. Discover and get inspired by the well-designed immersion programme offerings from the MDIS multidisciplinary faculties. Achieve personal growth with the immersion programmes as you get ready to step into a progressive and cosmopolitan community. 


Make use of the in-house facilities at MDIS

With well-equipped classrooms, and facilities including computer laboratories, life sciences laboratories, engineering laboratories and workshops, fashion studios, hospitality training centre, media hub, and many more, the facilities on-campus will enhance your learning experience.


Experience on-campus life and live in MDIS Hostel

The 15-storey MDIS Residences @ Stirling consists of 782 airconditioned rooms, 14 suites, a 500-seater auditorium, and a cafeteria. The eco-friendly MDIS Residences@Stirling can accommodate up to 1,700 students, and students can live, learn and play in an interactive and conducive environment.


Customisable programme

With 8 schools and over 12 disciplines, MDIS can customise and plan an immersion programme depending on the requirements of the visiting students and working professionals.