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Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of marketing, its role in the overall success of the company and its contribution towards achieving sustainable growth and profitability.

Marketing is critical in delivering the message to prospects on the perceived value of quality and differentiation of products and services from a given branding. This course is specifically tailored for professionals who have not been privileged with prior marketing skills and takes a gentle curve with an emphasis on equipping them with that missing basic fundamental knowledge.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Apply the basic concepts and principles of marketing to become more customer and market-driven
  • Understand marketing terminologies
  • Aggregating their relevant markets into segments
  • Understand and develop an analysis of the marketing environment
  • Source and put market research to good use
  • Understand the marketing mix i.e. Distribution Channels, Price Structures, Advertising, Sales Promotion and the Relationship Between Sales and Marketing
  • Discriminate between good and bad marketing practices
  • Contribute more effectively to the marketing activities of their organisations

Who Should Attend

For newly appointed individuals in marketing functions (less than 2 years’ experience), or anyone in the organisation who wants to understand the marketing department and help contribute more to the marketing strategy.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Marketing

  • What is Marketing?
  • The Importance of Marketing Within an Organisation
  • Role of Marketing Within your Organisation

Module 2: Understanding the Market

  • Understanding the Internal
  • Understanding the External Environment
  • Discussion

Module 3: Understanding Your Customers

  • Segmenting the Market
  • Profiling Your Customers
  • Targeting and Positioning
  • Discussion

Module 4: Introduction to the Marketing Mix

  • Understanding Branding, Product and its Components
  • Understanding Price, its Importance and Different Pricing Strategies
  • Introduction to The Promotional Mix; The Importance of IMC
  • Overview of Distribution Strategies and its Challenges
  • Case Analysis and Discussion


  • Summary & Discussion


The interactive program has been designed to facilitate learning through a series of lectures, discussions and exercises. Use of technology like Smartphones/Tablets may be required during activities and discussion.

While the lectures aim to equip participants with general frameworks and understanding of strategic marketing, the discussion and exercises help individual participant understanding the respective functions of marketing and its role within the organisation.

This open discussion also provides a platform for the participants to interact with one another from different backgrounds and industries where a different perspective may be revealed and reviewed.

Programme Trainer

Dr Donald Tan is an independent marketing & management consultant and previously, he held senior and management positions in the hi-tech industry for several MNCs, with responsibilities over the Asia Pacific.

Tan holds a doctorate in Marketing from the University of Western Australia. Tan also received his Master in Management Research and Bachelor of Business Administration (1st Class Honors) on company sponsorship and scholarship respectively.

Tan commenced his career as a Marketing consultant for the Asia Pacific region and subsequently joined several multinationals companies including Siemens to look after sales, marketing and communication in Asia. Tan’s key experiences include sales and marketing planning, strategy formulation, channel management, brand building, corporate & marketing communication, trade shows and seminars and media & public relations. Donald speaks regularly at conferences and seminars globally and has been featured by media in Singapore, Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

During his tenure, Tan has received many awards and accolades for his contribution to the field of marketing and communications. Tan was the recipient of several coveted honours including “Outstanding Achievement in Marketing” by the American Marketing Association, “Most Creative Award” by Siemens, “Asia Pacific Vice-President Award” by Tellabs and “All American Scholar Award” by United States Achievement Academy.



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Marketing is critical in delivering the message to prospects on the perceived value of quality and differentiation of products and services from a given branding.

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