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From impressing the audience on social media to persuading a customer to buy our products, we are constantly trying to influence others. Especially in the digital age, an effective influencer needs to win hearts, change minds and inspire actions. To do so, studies have shown that the use of factual information and statistics alone is not effective. Instead, one needs to appeal to the audience’s emotions to make impactful communications. The best way to achieve emotive influencing is to do so through storytelling.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Appreciate why and how stories work in connecting with emotions
  • Tell a complete story in 3 minutes that influences the audience 
  • Understand the keys to effective persuasion using stories

Who Should Attend

Client facing roles, Marketers, Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs.

Programme Outline

Module 1: The Power of Emotive Influence

  • What makes a true influencer?
  • Impacts of emotive influence on personal and corporate success
  • How emotions lead to personal, memorable and impactful communications
  • Why stories work best in influencing opinion and behaviour?

Module 2: How to Craft Emotive Stories?

  • What makes a good story?
  • Simple structure for a dramatic impact
  • Types of stories
  • Different ways to tell the same story

Module 3: Delivering an Engaging Message

  • Importance of a clear message
  • Designing a relatable protagonist
  • Devising a roller coaster drama
  • Role of unexpected outcomes

Module 4: Applications of Emotive Influence

  • Personal persuasion
  • Personal and corporate branding
  • Content Marketing for products and services (especially in digital space)
  • Influencing your customers


Mini Lectures, Games, Group Discussions, Skill Practices

Programme Trainer

Ryo Leong is a marketing, content and media veteran having helmed various roles in both our local Mediacorp television and radio channels,  Channels 8, Channel U, Channel 5 and Okto and FM98.7 respectively. Additionally, he has helped to launch TodayTV, a free-to-air television channel in Ho Chi Minh City with Singapore’s national broadcaster, Mediacorp.

His accolades during that tenure include being the commissioning editor for the Best Preschool Programme in the Asia TV Awards as well as contributing to the concepts for several Promax World Gold and New York Fest awards.

As a story inceptor and content strategist, Ryo specialises in directing narratives for content marketing, employee and fan advocacy as well as branding. He currently also shares his knowledge as an adjunct lecturer at polytechnics as well as serves on the board of Asia Content Marketing Association as the Director of Education and Learning.

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From impressing the audience on social media to persuading a customer to buy our products, we are constantly trying to influence others.

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