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Using Social Media for Career Success

Creating your online persona is vital as it reflects your professional skills and personal values. Through this social media marketing course here in Singapore conducted by MDC, participants learn how to craft and curate what they share on social media. How one acts online is now just as important as his or her behaviour offline.

With this social media marketing course, participants will also be able to build their personal brand on social media. With these valuable insights and skills being taught, they will be well equipped to foster valuable professional network connections that might present job opportunities to them. 

Building your personal brand on social media takes some hard work, but it could just provide you with a job opportunity or help you to foster valuable network connections.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Key steps of personal brand building online
  • Leverage Social Media marketing including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blog
  • Build an impactful online presence with photos and videos to promote your brand to potential clients and employers

Who Should Attend

People who have no or little experience with social media and wants to start building his/her personal branding online, SMEs who want to build up an online presence

Programme Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Welcome participants 
  • Share classroom logistics and rules
  • Ice Breaker
  • Get participants to introduce themselves and what they hope to gain out of the course
  • Share goals and benefits of the workshop

Module 2: Introduction To Personal Branding

  • You are the C.E.O of your life!
  • C.reate your personal brand
  • E.mbrace your brand with your personal brand statement
  • O.verall image of your brand by keeping your messaging consistent across platforms and websites

Module 3: Introduction To Social Media Platforms

  • Understanding the various social media platforms and when to use them

Module 4: Define Target Audience

  • Create your Buyer Personas
  • Defining your ideal target audience
  • Audience targeting (Behaviors, Interests, Demographics, Connections, Age ranges, Languages, or Locations)

Module 5: Linkedin-Your Online Platform For Personal Branding

  • Check/Create LinkedIn account
  • Learn how to update your LinkedIn profile and understand how it works

Module 6: Blog To Showcase Your Expertise

  • Check/Create a blog via or
  • Learn how to update your blog with engaging content
  • Optimizing your content to get free traffic

Module 7: Facebook & Instagram

  • Check/Create FB and IG accounts
  • Understand the various functions, such as IG & FB stories, messaging, ads

Module 8: Mobile Apps To Up Your Personal Branding Game

  • Using apps to create great looking professional photos for personal branding
  • Using apps to create videos for personal branding


The training is conducted using PowerPoint slides, discussions and hands-on activities


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Building your personal brand on social media takes some hard work, but it could just provide you with a job opportunity or help you to foster valuable network connections.

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