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According to leading researchers in systems thinking and organisational learning, Systems Thinking offers a language for understanding and working with complexity. The tools and techniques of Systems Thinking to enable us to understand the complexity of diverse situations, allowing us to be better able to think and act in ways that produce desired results without causing unintended consequences. The overall purpose of this workshop is to provide a fundamental approach in applying systems thinking in some organisational situations and to produce sustainable results and enhance organisational learning. During this course, you will apply the systems-thinking methodology and tools to real situations that you face in the workplace.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Use the language and concepts of systems, and explain systems thinking and complexity and their implications for the workplace.
  • Describe specific types of systems called archetypes that may be at play within complex problems.
  • Apply a Systems Thinking methodology and tools to apply their understanding of systems thinking to a challenging situation and opportunity.
  • Explain how to use systems thinking in a variety of situations.
  • Develop an action plan to deal with the challenging problem and opportunities.

Who Should Attend

 For professionals and managers currently engaged in working in teams. Much of the work will apply theory to the current challenges and dysfunctions observed in groups. 

Module 1: Programme Overview

  • Introductions to Systems Thinking
  • Ground rules and expectations
  • Opening Case Study

Module 2: Introduction to Systems Thinking

  • What is System Thinking, and how is it used?

Module 3: Structures of Systems Thinking

  • Vicious Cycle, Cycle of Failure
  • Positive and negative reinforcement loops and short exercises
  • Symptom and corrective problem loops, and brief exercises
  • Systems Thinking Steps
  • Systems Thinking Archetypes, e.g. limits to growth, shifting the burden and fixes that backfire

Module 4: Systems Language, Lags (time delays), Consequences and Levers

Module 5: Systems Thinking in Practice

Module 6: Guided Practice: Applying Systems Thinking in Organizations

  • Launch Plan
  • Monitor Plan
  • Project After-Action Debrief

Module 7: Guided Practice: Applying Systems Thinking in Organizations - Small-group work on real-work related problems
and debrief

  • Closure & Summary
  • Action Planning

Programme Evaluation


This program will be delivered via conceptual briefing using written and visual aids. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to work with some small group exercises and a case study to provide a practical focus, enabling the participants to practise the methodology and tools. Additionally, there will be group discussions to practise using the tools on actual work-related situations back at work. The workshop leader will facilitate group discussions and feedback on applying methodology and techniques to work-related problems.




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Understanding the basic approach in applying systems thinking in many organizational situations and to produce sustainable results and enhance organizational learning.

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