Supply Chain Management Overview - Procurement Perspective (In-House Training)Business Management / Sustainability

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages the flow of products or services, involving a broad range of activities, from acquiring raw materials to production and lastly, distribution to the end-user in the most streamlined and cost-effective way possible. Procurement plays a significant role in the chain of events in many companies. All stakeholders need to collaborate with procurement to bring in the value required for any company.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Appreciate what is the supply chain is in a typical setup and how procurement can add value to the chain.

Who Should Attend

Any employees who are interested to know more about a procurement’s roles in a supply chain.

Programme Outline

  1. General Supply chain scenario
  2. Control framework
  3. Purchase to Payment
  4. Procurement Overview
  5. Procurement Savings
  6. Procurement policies
  7. Strategic Sourcing
  8. TCO (Total costs Of Ownership)
  9. SOW – Statement of work
  10. Supplier evaluation
  11. Supplier Audit & Performance
  12. Supplier relationship
  13. Quote Comparison
  14. Elements of Negotiation
  15. Legal/Contract/Agreement/Risk
  16. Service-related purchases

Programme Trainer

Graduated with Bachelor Degree in Transport and Logistics Management (RMIT), Mr David Phua has been working in the Speciality Chemicals and Palm Oil MNC manufacturing industry. Being in this trade for more than 25 years, he takes care of challenging roles such as the first mile delivery in the US and Europe and the last mile delivery in Southeast Asia. Apart from this primary role, David is cross-functioning in 

  • Logistics management
  • End to end Supply Chain management
  • Order to Cash process management
  • Handling of dangerous chemicals (shipping &storage )
  • Warehouse & Inventory management
  • Project management

As APAC Customer Service Manager, he hires, trains and mentors a team of Customer Service executives in Singapore, China, Korea and Japan. Having a passion for training and mentoring young individuals to becoming Logistics Professionals, David pursued to improve himself by becoming a qualified trainer. He attained his Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment - IAL (ACTA-IAL). Through his years as a Regional Head of Department for Logistics and Customer Service, he has acquired and developed soft skills like leadership, creative thinking, communication skills, motivation and decision-making.

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the flow of product or services, involving a board range of activities - Planning, Controlling and Execution.

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