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The ability to speaking effectively to staff and the public has been a much sought-after and essential skill in modern working and commercial world. This is especially so in the context of professional organisations where it utilizes its speakers to reach out to public and prospects through official speeches and media broadcasts. This intensive public speaking training for productivity focuses on preparing the participants in speaking to groups of various sizes at work situation, raising performance and results. It is specifically designed to take the participants from the basic foundations of preparation to the advanced readiness in speaking to the masses.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Begin speaking with ease with enhanced effectiveness as communicators and speakers at work
  • Possess greater confidence in official speeches and media contacts
  • Design comprehensive and purposeful structures and organisations
  • Comprehend the meaningful values of public speaking towards productivity
  • Develop eloquence, flair and clear speech and speaking style
  • Analyze and understand their audience and build positive relationships
  • Have a better ability to engage and influence the audience for impact
  • Show increased effectiveness in handling the difficult audience and unexpected situations
  • Effectively evaluate and refine the speech for areas of improvement
  • Enhance the speech quality with tools, props and other aids for greater achievements
  • Display finesse in handling questions from the audience
  • Create a dynamic and appealing personality through public speaking

Who Should Attend

Directors, Managers, executives, professionals, leaders and any individuals who may need to speak publicly and want to create positive results.

Programme Outline

  1. Personal Conditioning, Enthusiasm and Awareness of Being a Speaker
  2. Creating Positive First Impressions with Beliefs and Affirmations of an Effective Speaker
  3. How to Be Confident, Show Competence and Manage Nervousness When Speaking Under Pressure?
  4. Understanding the Types and Subjects of Speeches: Knowing what to Say to Raise Productivity
  5. How to Build Up your Content and Information to Address Productivity
  6. Organising Your Speech that Works: The Introduction, Body and Conclusion
  7. How to Use Non-verbal and Verbal Cues Bring Across the Key Messages or Points in Your Speech?
  8. Ways To Plan and Structure Your Speech To Ensure Further Audience Understanding and Performance
  9. Coping with Speech Control and Stage Fright
  10. The Power of Vocal Variety and Delivery
  11. Using Your Body Language to Enhance Speech Effectiveness
  12. Working with the Right Words and Phrases for Productivity
  13. Language Patterns of Influence and Persuasiveness
  14. Integrating The Contents and Delivery To Speak Effectively
  15. Handling Difficult Audience and Tough or Unexpected Situation
  16. Maintaining and Raising the Audience Interests and Overall Productivity


  • Employ powerful and dynamic speeches techniques that will increase knowledge, enhance learning, heighten motivation and awareness
  • Include role-play sessions and other experiential activities to make learning more effective and real
  • Include interactive tools to “probe the comfort zone”
  • Include group discussions and feedback to maximize the participants’ learning abilities


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The ability to speaking effectively to staff and the public has been a much sought-after and essential skill in modern working and commercial world.

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