Increasing Your Work Productivity with ChatGPT (NEW!) (In-House Training)Risk Management / ChatGPT

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Course Overview:

"Increasing Your Work Productivity with ChatGPT" is designed to empower office workers with the skills and understanding to leverage ChatGPT in enhancing their report writing and presentation preparations. Given the vast capabilities of ChatGPT, this course focuses on teaching participants how to harness this powerful AI tool to streamline tasks, generate content, and improve the overall quality of their deliverables. By integrating ChatGPT into their daily workflows, participants can enhance their efficiency and produce more refined and compelling office documents and presentations.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
•    Understand the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT in a professional setting.
•    Set up and interact effectively with ChatGPT for various tasks.
•    Integrate ChatGPT in the process of report writing, from data interpretation to proof reading.
•    Utilize ChatGPT in brainstorming, refining, and enhancing presentation content.
•    Familiarize themselves with advanced features and customization options of ChatGPT to tailor the tool to their specific professional needs.
•    Apply best practices for data privacy, security, and efficient collaboration with ChatGPT.
•    Share and discuss experiences, tips, and concerns with peers to promote a collaborative learning environment.

Course Outline:

Overview of ChatGPT
•    Introduction to ChatGPT and its place in the AI landscape
•    Benefits and potential pitfalls of using ChatGPT in professional environments
•    Hands-on Session I: Setting up and Basic Interaction with ChatGPT

Practical Use of ChatGPT 
•    8 Effective Prompt Techniques
•    Personalization of ChatGPT for varied professional needs
•    Practical exercise on simple query interactions

Integrating ChatGPT in Report Writing
•    Leveraging ChatGPT for data interpretation
•    Structuring and phrasing assistance
•    Efficient proofreading strategies with ChatGPT
•    Practical exercise on report section crafting

Enhancing Presentations with ChatGPT
•    Brainstorming session strategies
•    Refinement of speech or presentation notes
•    Designing persuasive and engaging content with ChatGPT
•    Practical exercise on slide and speaking note creation

Best Practices for Collaborating with ChatGPT

•    Establishing clear objectives
•    Addressing data privacy and security concerns
•    Critical thinking and avoiding over-reliance
•    Multitasking tips with ChatGPT

Exploration of advanced functionalities
•    Integration with other office tools
•    Practical exercise on tailoring ChatGPT for complex queries
•    Q&A Session

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Designed to empower office workers with the skills and understanding to leverage ChatGPT in enhancing their report writing and presentation preparations.

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