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DurationTwo days
Course Dates11 Jan 2024 9:00am - 12 Jan 2024 5:00pm
25 Apr 2024 9:00am - 26 Apr 2024 5:00pm
30 Jul 2024 9:00am - 31 Jul 2024 5:00pm
29 Oct 2024 9:00am - 30 Oct 2024 5:00pm

Course Fee

Member $833.85
Non-Member $981.00
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  • Group Discount (3 or more participants) - 10%
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Welcome to the " Impactful Feedback & Constructive Communication " workshop! Effective communication is essential for fostering positive relationships and driving growth in any setting. This workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills to deliver and receive constructive feedback, enhancing their communication prowess and promoting a collaborative environment. Over the course of two days, you'll engage in interactive activities, discussions, and real-world scenarios to develop your feedback-giving abilities.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:
1. Understand the importance of constructive feedback in personal and professional growth.
2. Effectively deliver feedback that is specific, actionable, and sensitive.
3. Foster open and receptive environments for feedback exchange.
4. Handle challenging feedback conversations with empathy and diplomacy.
5. Apply feedback strategies to enhance team dynamics and productivity.
6. Develop a personal action plan for continuous improvement in giving and receiving feedback.

Learning Methodology

  • Group discussions and knowledge sharing.
  • Interactive activities, role plays, and simulations.
  • Individual and group reflections.
  • Real-world case studies and scenarios. 

Who Should Attend
Professionals at all levels seeking to enhance their communication skills and foster a culture of open feedback.
Team leaders, managers, and supervisors aiming to build stronger teams and improve performance.
Individuals interested in personal development and effective interpersonal communication.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Feedback: Exploring the significance of feedback in personal and professional contexts.
  • The Feedback Continuum: Understanding different types of feedback and their impact.
  • Feedback Principles: Discovering the core principles behind effective feedback delivery.
  • Interactive Activity - "Feedback Scenario Analysis": Participants analyse feedback scenarios and identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Constructive Feedback Framework: Learning a step-by-step approach to delivering constructive feedback.
  • Active Listening Skills: Developing techniques to enhance active listening during feedback conversations.
  • Interactive Activity - "Feedback Role Play": Participants engage in role-play scenarios to practice delivering feedback using the framework.
  • Handling Resistance: Strategies for managing defensiveness and resistance during feedback discussions.
  • Receiving Feedback Gracefully: Understanding how to effectively receive and process feedback for personal growth.
  • Creating a Feedback Culture: Exploring ways to foster a culture of continuous improvement and open communication.
  • Interactive Activity - "Feedback Improvement Plan": Participants work on creating personalized plans to enhance their feedback skills.
  • Feedback in Team Dynamics: Applying feedback principles to enhance team collaboration and performance.
  • Difficult Conversations: Strategies for approaching and managing challenging feedback conversations.
  • Interactive Activity - "Real-Life Feedback Simulation": Participants engage in a realistic feedback simulation to practice handling tough conversations.
  • Personal Action Planning: Developing individualized action plans for implementing feedback strategies post-workshop.

Programme Trainer


A dedicated professional in Learning and Development, Ivan has been involved with the design, development and implementation of Leadership and People Management and Service Excellence training programmes in various industries.


With his easy-going and relational communication styles, Ivan is able to build rapport with participants instantly and draws out key learning concepts for effective learning. He is creative, dynamic and he inspires clients to improve their performance by changing their attitudes and developing their skills and knowledge. He brings the best out of them through critical thinking; solving issues by analyzing the situation, identifying viable solutions, deciding the right approach to achieve the desired outcome or the "aha" moments


Ivan has conducted numerous Corporate and Public Workshops, Learning Journeys for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL), coaching sessions, Personality and Career Profiling and consultations. He  has trained staff from different industries on Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Customer Service Excellence, Leadership and Influence, Mindfulness ,Presentation Skills,  Public Speaking,  Stakeholder Engagement, Stress Management and  Team Building .  His clientele ranges from Corporations, ATOs, CET Centres, F&B, Retail and Service Chains, Education Institutions and others.


Ivan holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Derby, UK , Master of Counselling, Monash University,  Australia , Graduate Diploma in Electronic Commerce Marketing, Singapore Polytechnic  and Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic . Besides an ACTA Certified Trainer and a Certified Executive Transformation Coach, he is also a Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst, Certified CareerKeysTM and PersonalityKeysTM trainer and Certified The Leadership Challenge (TLC) facilitator.

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This workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills to deliver and receive constructive feedback, enhancing their communication prowess and promoting a collaborative environment.

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