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Change is a feature of our lives. The world around us is changing all the time, our natural environment we dwell in and the business climate we work in. New innovations are disrupting our lives at a much faster pace than we know, and we have to learn to how to adapt and embrace these changes. As quoted by one of the greatest Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius, "The universe is changing, our life is what our thoughts make it." This workshop is based on Prof Tony Buzan's highly effective mental development techniques to help you understand and master change. Conducted by one of his Master Trainers Eric Cheong, he will help change your thinking and develop your confidence in the face of change, enhancing your ability to transform your future.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Understand the nature of change and how you are affected by it.
  • Realise you have the power to change your thinking. Once you make a conscious effort to change your present mindset, you will hold the key to plan for a new future.
  • Learn how to use Tony Buzan's thinking models and tools for transformation to turn change into opportunity.
  • Learn how to draw and apply Mind Maps into your personal and career plans

Who Should Attend

Professionals, senior executives and those who face challenges in adapting to change in their lives and work. People who want to know how to manage and embrace change.

Programme Outline

Module 1: Looking at the World we live in

  • Challenges of the VUCA World
  • Impacts of a Disruptive Economy
  • Change Your Mindset, Change Your World

Module 2: What is Change

  • The Nature of Change
  • Your Attitude to Change: Change Thinking Quotient
  • Your Vision and Focus to Change
  • How You can Change using TEFCAS (Success Formula)

Module 3: Embracing Change

  • Self-perception: How to change your world
  • Choosing Your Future
  • How Change Masters Change the World

Module 4: Buzan's Tools for Transformation

  • Mind Mapping Your New Future
  • Developing Meta-Positive Thinking
  • Life Changes: How to use a Change Journal

Module 5: Life Planning

  • Changing Your Life Balance
  • Change in Business
  • The Changing Nature of Relationships
  • Embrace Ageing


The different methodologies

A practical approach consists of 70% on course application with hands-on techniques and 30% on conceptual and reflective learning. Training comprises a combination of:

  1. Pre and post-workshop questionnaire
  2. Self-reflection on learning points (using a journal)
  3. Visually stimulating sessions with video and image-rich presentation slides
  4. Group activities and break up discussions
  5. Real-life application activities
  6. Practical worksheets
  7. Useful checklists and systematic guidelines
  8. Follow through blended learning with e-learning modules (to be developed)

Application activities, bite-sized learning, practical sessions and application work.

Programme Trainer

Eric Cheong speaks at conferences and in-house seminars such as the 14th International Conference on Thinking and the International Conference on Habits of Mind. Eric hopes to promote global mental literacy in Asia, helping people to become better thinkers by activating their inherent brain skills to achieve success. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree with honours from the National University of Singapore.

Over the years, Eric has trained more than 5,000 executives, teachers and students across Asia. Some of his major clients include Oracle, Intel, Motorola, HSBC, ARUP, HK Securities, HK Exchange & Clearing Limited, Tuv Sud, Hewlett Packard, Singapore Airlines Ltd, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Ltd and Singapore Power Ltd. He has also trained Singapore government agencies such as the Ministry of Education, National Heritage Board, Housing Development Board, Health Promotion Board, Supreme Court, Health Sciences Authority and Defence Science Organisation.

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Change is a feature of our lives. The world around us is changing all the time, our natural environment we dwell in and the business climate we work in.

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